J. R Young

J.R Young is a writer of weird fiction and the mastermind behind Monsters, Madness and Magic. His first experience with the macabre was of the Lovecraftian sort. Catapulted by the camp of the 80’s and 90’s, his literary diet consisted of a few morsels of mystery with a heavy helping of horror. His fiction has appeared in Lovecraftiana: The Eldritch Magazine of Horror and on the flash fiction podcast Tales To Terrify. He is also a content creator and contributor at

You can find him on twitter @JRYoungFiction.


“Creepy” Chris Milenkevich

Known to his close friends, family, colleagues, and clients as “Creepy” (Or “Creepy” Chris), Christopher was drawn into subjects of the dark nature much like most youths thrown out of catholic school.

As an artist by trade, his fascinations with horror and the occult lie in media that goes unnoticed either due to lack of Hollywood presence, advertising, and independent releases. He is a man of many interest and his personal taste that span many genres. Be it music, movies, short films, artwork, or special effects makeup. . .you can be certain that Christopher will unearth some gems that are worth revisiting, listening to, or following due to their equally dark and disturbingly macabre creations.

“Creepy” Chris is a tattooist by trade who resides in Columbus Ohio. He is also a freelance illustrator who has worked with the magic community via lecture notes and product releases. A man of many talents and interest, he is always busy and constantly leaning something new.

You can follow him on Instagram @creepy_chris_milenkevich


Evil Con Hally

Evil Con Hally wrote only for himself in the beginning, spewing his opinions onto his own blog. Opinions no one would see. After crawling through the crypts of the internet, searching for validation, he came upon the digital doorstep of Monsters, Madness and Magic. After begging the brains of the beast to allow him to catalog his own mad ramblings somewhere that people may, at the very least, point and laugh, he was given quill and parchment. Expect Hally to be your guide to discovering how video games can be magic, by bending your emotions and twisting your deepest fantasies.

You can find him on twitter @Halatinoussux


David Rule

David Rule is a paranormal researcher and occult enthusiast residing in the deep south. Possessing an open mind and a willingness to communicate, David is always open for a conspiratorial chat.

Enamored by legends of a lost past, David sets forth into a world filled with Monster’s, Madness and Magic in search of truth. No matter how strange.


Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards is an aspiring Sci-Fi/Horror writer, independent researcher and critic from Aiken, South Carolina who's main interest is the intersection of big data, the surveillance state and cosmic horror. He lists among his inspirations H.P. Lovecraft, William Gibson, George Orwell and J-Horror director Kōji Shiraishi. You can't find him anywhere other than Monsters, Madness and Magic.


Nihilist Penguin

Nihilist Penguin possesses a passion for Greek Mythology, the blasphemous beats of Black Metal, and the cold steel of Sword and Sorcery.

You won’t find him on social media. He is not your friend.

However, you just may find him within his Auditorium of Atrocities. If you can find your way, that is.