Monsters, Madness and Magic

Sanctuary of the strange

Magic, myths, and manipulation. Works of wonder and tomes of truth. History, mystery and conspiracy. Speculation and conversation are our methods of madness within the Sanctuary of the Strange.


Hall of heresy

Alchemists, conjurers, shamans, sorcerers, witches, madmen, and heretics. The originators of our occult history. Heresy. Dangerous business. Someone has to do it, right?


Museum of macabre media

Commentaries, critiques, reviews, and retrospectives on all macabre media: films, fiction, games, comics, music. If it includes a mixture of Monsters, Madness, or Magic, you will find it here.


Library of Lamentations

Stories of the strange. Tales of the terrifying. Fiction filled with fantasy and fear. All can be had at your leisure within the Library of Lamentations.