Sea Salt: Flawed Yet Fun

Sea Salt is a small game about a bishop who starts a church to pray to an old god. The Old God calls upon the bishop to provide him with sacrifices in return for prosperity. That is until the old god beckons for the bishop to sacrifice himself and the holy man rebels, causing the angry deity to send unholy monsters to collect his promised sacrifice.

That’s pretty much the story. You control the monsters with a cursor and send them through the levels, murdering your way towards the bishop. It’s single button, so all you have to do is move then press one button to attack. Different enemies require different strategies and that’s all there is to it.

There’s a variety of monsters you can use and the enemies are also vast: ranging from normal villagers (who can be frightened by your monstrosities) or hunters (who are immune to your grotesque followers) There are bosses at the end of the stage and various pathways you can pick from the start, but that has a minimal effect on the outcome. Not much to tell here. . .other than my huge issues with this game.

Summoning Help.gif

So I don’t know if this problem exists on PC (considering I played it on Xbox) but every single time I try to go into a stage it makes me choose my profile, boots me back to the main menu, I hit a to go back in, select the stage, and THEN it lets me play.

W-WHAT? Why is it like this? Another problem I have is the game’s ability to just fuck you UP. No exaggeration. The game will just fuck you over. Say you have a hard time in a room and you’re left with a few monsters. if you move to the next room and die, you will be restarted in the same room, forever.

You can not repeat the whole stage. If you try and return to the menu and come back, you are put in the same room. YOU HAVE TO CLOSE THE WHOLE THING DOWN JUST TO START OVER AGAIN. It kills me because when that happens, it diminishes my will to continue playing.

Tough Enemies.gif

To round this out a bit, le’s talk briefly about things that do not necessarily require an entire review. Black Ops 4 released its final zombie map recently. It was nice. The best part is it finished the whole story, and marks an end to a storyline that began in World At War.

It’s slightly saddening because zombies were an enjoyable experience to have with friends. I hope another developer can make a similar title. Before I end I wanna give a small spoiler to something coming up: My reviews are mostly based around subjects containing horror, Gothic imagery, or saddening themes. One of the titles that changed the way I perceive games entirely has two of the three, and I can’t wait to explore it here in-depth.

As October draws to an end, I hope the content here has been enough for you to tune if for the long haul.


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