Killing Floor 2: A Bloody Massacre

Killing Floor was originally released as a mod on Unreal Tournament, then had a full-game release on May 14th, 2009. I never played the mod version, but I did play the full release. It had a bit of cult following and the company behind it, Tripwire, was still releasing content and updates for the game years after its release.

All the way up to today’s game, in fact. Killing Floor 2. Released on November 18th 2016, Killing Floor 2 not only made the game look better but added more classes, guns, and features. Enough history, though, lets actually talk about the game!


KF2 is entertaining as hell and always has been. The original game had 7 classes, the sequel has 10. Each class has their own tree that unlocks with levels and allows players to change perks around their play-style to make them stronger.

I won’t go into detail on each perk, but they are fairly unique with some overlapping and having class-specific weapons. Each class has it’s own feel and can be drastically different from the another. The Berserker will never feel like the Demolitionist, which will never feel like the Commando. Tripwire has steadily been releasing new weapons for each class to adding new ways to play a class all over again.

Proper Zed Time.gif

We’ve touched on history and we’ve touched on classes. Let’s talk about blowing enemies to hell. The lore behind Killing Floor 2 is that a company fuck upped with a science-turned-super-soldier-project. Turning people into giant monsters with mining gear attached to their arms, THEN cloning that abomination, essentially guaranteeing that these monstrosities will escape and fuck some shit up.

Now, I don’t know exactly why the people who are fighting these horrifying creatures pray to whatever deity (that apparently had his feet up when this travesty was happening), but they are here now. And we have to use increasingly ridiculous firepower to cover the map with as much blood as possible.

The most worthwhile aspect of Killing Floor 2 is that it is wave-based, making it incredibly replayable. A strong point for the developers is how well they handle higher difficulty. Many games fall into the trap of just making your bullets weaker, and the enemies bullet spongy, ultimately resulting in less of a real challenge and forcing the player into a battle of attrition.

Killing Floor 2 does increase the enemies health, I believe, but when you gain levels with a class, you gain a damage bonus along with a boost to other stats that benefit the specific class with its unique weapons. But the most important part is that Tripwire gave NEW MOVES to the enemies, and more erratic movement, making you have to change how you approach the monsters you thought you could take on, but now they’ve caught you off guard and OH NO! Your nipples have been ripped off!

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I can’t end without talking about the problems, though. As much as I like the game, it can be somewhat glitchy, and as of now I have not been able to play online or create a match because the console releases of the game are almost forgotten.

Oh, I still get the latest updates. . .but nothing to fix my ability to play with my friends. I could still buy the latest weapon or costume, but I can’t create my own online match. That is a HUGE issue that kinda destroys the console version of the game. The PC version is probably decent because they can find ways around this, along with just being better in general because the modding community for both Killing Floor games are one of the best around.

Check it out if you’re on PC. It’s a great game. I hope they fix the console version because I’ve heard of this problem on both Xbox and PS4.

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