Hollow Knight: Crushingly Beautiful

I cannot, repeat, CANNOT, suck developer Team Cherry’s dick any harder than I am about to. Do you guys even know what Hollow Knight is? If not, direct me to your rock, please, so that I might climb into it and play Hollow Knight for the first time. . . again.

Anyone who is aware of this masterpiece will not be swayed by me explaining it’s greatness, but I’m going to do so anyway. Hollow Knight is a rare game that, if released at a full-priced 60 bucks, would be worth each and every penny. But Team Cherry is so awesome, they’re practically giving it away at 15 bucks.

There is no reason not to get this game. With the large scale and endless hours of playtime, it’s not a journey one should allow to pass by. There, that’s your review! What? You need more? Fine, let’s talk Hollow Knight

Simple Walking Combat.gif

Does anyone remember Castlevania? Specifically, Symphony of the Night? Another game that’s amazingly fun to play and helped to define the metroidvania genre.

Hollow Knight is a classic Metroidvania game where you fight your way through different areas searching for secrets and bosses. New areas are unlocked after finding certain movement abilities (like a double jump and dash). These abilities also add more variety to combat as well as opening the map up.

Oh, you thought you’d found all the treasure to find because you found all the abilities? Nah, there are still some mysteries to uncover. There are a few areas that require you to actually combine some of your brain cells and think about how to enter them. One area is bee-related, but you never see any bees except in this one secret bee base area.

Hazardous Exploration.gif

The game is pretty hard. Like really hard. I’d wager that’s more than likely the main reason that turns people away from the game It will give you non-stop noogies. But do not worry, friends, its not impossible.

Remember in journalism when a game was hard and everyone compared it to Dark Souls?

“Crash team racing is the dark souls of cart racers!”

Well, the most accurate way to describe the difficulty and lore of Hollow Knight is. . .Dark Souls-y. Boss fights mostly see you dodging attacks that seem always to hit you, and the story is almost 100% in the background. You have to make sure to bring a shovel to dig for some facts. As soon as you figure out the patterns, though, most boss fights aren’t as hard as they seemed. Another great addition to the game is the charm system, which adds even more variety to the combat.

Dangerous Secrets.gif

The charm system lets you slot in and out, ya know, charms. You place the charms into notches that you acquire more of throughout the game. Some add more range to your primary attack, and some can change the way your magic works entirely. You can change charms out to help with certain bosses, or just keep the ones you like the most to streamline your play style.

Each area of the game feels incredibly distinct. The stages are fleshed out so well and loop around into each other in staggering ways. There is SO much to this game, there are small secrets you can find everywhere. Replaying the game also lets you notice that there are different ways to go through the story.

You can get access to areas before you’re “suppose to”, and still make it out alive as long as you make sure you’re wearing your big boy pants. This attention to detail makes it seem like, no matter what, everything is planned. You can easily go through Hollow Knight without going to certain areas, just by beating main bosses then going to the end and beating the game. You can explore the extra areas for more story, and even some upgrades to your standard abilities.

Laid To Rest.gif

Look, Team Cherry must have worked really hard on this game. It’s been released on everything and I’ve only ran into a single bug my whole 60+ hours of gameplay. The bug was just the first boss being invisible. After dying and coming back, it was normal, and nothing else happened during the rest of the playthrough.

The game is also hand-drawn, making the large scale of EVERYTHING even more impressive. Team Cherry also released four DLC packs for the game, each for FREE!

Sorry, let me say that again, this hand-drawn game, with more than 60 hours of gameplay, that only cost FIFTEEN BUCKS, was released with FOUR FREE DLC PACKS THAT ADD MORE BOSSES! More stuff!

I love Hollow Knight, for real. It’s one of my favorite games of all time. All because of Team Cherry’s incredible generosity and dedication. Please give it a chance. Thank you, Team Cherry. I’m excited about the release of Silksong. Alright, I’m done gushing.

Back to the basement to play more garbage.