Blair Witch: Layers Of Fear 3

Blair Witch is an older movie that many people remember being very good. I wouldn’t know, I don’t care about movies. Blair Witch, made by (funny company name) Bloober Team, is top shelf, Meh. Initially, I had no strong hopes for this game, but the gameplay grew on me. I was excited to finish it, but by the end was just bored and not scared. Actually, my girlfriend and I had a laugh about the ending.

Bloober Team is known for Layers Of Fear, a game I’m not familiar with. However, from what I saw from YouTubers and game critics, it was just a walking simulator with some sp00ks. So, Blair Witch. Let’s start with the good, I guess:

On The Rails.gif

Blair Witch possesses some mechanics I enjoyed. Namely, the light puzzles. I was stumped a few times because the process of watching tapes in order to affect the real world was a bit confusing at first. The idea itself was interesting. I’d like to see this tactic employed by developers in the future. Another thing that was more annoying than enjoyed was the “combat” sections. Where spooky-spooks would spook you spookily. Monster appears. Shine light. Monster goes away. Well monsters. I think it was more than one? I don’t care.

Camera Work.gif

However, the puzzles being setup how they were, in a horror game, was ass. I’m in the mindset to be scared. I don’t want to think, too.The combat was incredibly janky. Sucks. Huge. Wang. Other than the awkward engagements, there is no actual danger. In between the combat sequences, which are set, you are completely free to admire the non-moving foliage and pet your wonderful dog bullet. Not that you would even really know that some sections are COMPLETELY safe until after the fact.

Look, on second thought, I’m not saying it’s the worst game ever. There were a lot of really fun sections. The scene in the forest, which forced us to rely completely on a handheld camera to see. . .wait, wasn’t that just Outlast?

Anyway, the game is very short. And since no one enjoyed Outlast 2, if you just ignore this game being named Blair Witch, you could probably pretend it’s Outlast 2 and have a good time!

Out Of Body.gif

That still wouldn’t help the shit ending, though. Where the game cements itself with yet another layers of Outlast. Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Also, I am about to rage.

The game revolves around you going to find a boy lost in the woods. Surprise, they’re fucking crazy haunted woods. You’re a man with severe PTSD with a dog named Bullet, a retired search dog turned service dog. A pretty bad one, at that. This pup has zero patience. You have to be on top of the commands for him to stay remotely close. You and Bullet continue to journey into the woods when come upon a curious camera that gives him a flashback. You awake hours later, after sunset, and that’s when the game truly begins. Using the camera to manifest things for Ol’ Bullet to sniff, you set off.

No One Likes Naked Man.gif

A lot of the set pieces are fun to play with. The ability ignore all the calls or radio conversations is a nice touch. Almost makes it feel like layers of Outlast: Firewatch Edition. But the ENDING. . .

You discover it’s some man who’s crazy as shit that’s taken the boy. You find the house using a tape and go inside. Taping your flashlight to your camcorder, you proceed to open doors and walk from room to room. The rooms seem to shift and lead back to different rooms, twisting and turning, while the game tosses jump scares at you. Almost like fucking Layers Of Fear, RIGHT? It made no sense to me why a game that was 95% in the woods would suddenly want to be in this blown out house. There’s a couple more sections of avoiding some monsters by not letting the light touch them.

A D A M.gif

You learn a lot more about the back story from this section, but I was unhappy with the the whole thing. I wasn’t invested anymore at this point. This section drags on and on and on. I’m just going to the basement, what’s up with the 30 minutes of doors?

To add insult to injury, it turns the game had a good and a bad ending. Get the fuck outta here! Good and bad ending?! For WHAT? This is horror. And nothing was really perceived as being an option. Because your dog hates the idols and symbols and shit, so it seemed like you had to destroy them to proceed. Along with the fact that the totems had pictures in them that seemed collectible!

All Seeing Eyes.gif

Go ahead and lay the bad ending on me for loving the FUCKING dog correctly! But I broke some sticks and kicked some rocks so along the way, so I’m an ASSHOLE NOW, RIGHT? Fuck, is this Fallout: New Vegas? Why the fuck is there a GOOD and a BAD ending? MAKE A STORY! I thought the dialogue was nice, but who care if I patch things up with my girlfriend/wife?! It shouldn’t be a grade!

“Oh you didn’t call here enough, now not only are you dead, your friendship meter with her is low.” Get the fuck outta here. 3/4ths of the is game fun, 1/4th of the game is a complete dick punch. 

P.s.: if you want to work on a horror game, make sure to try and play test as much as possible to catch bugs and make better flags. It’s hard to feel invested or really all that frightened when immersion is broken. 

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